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At we help clients to get statistical data straight and accurate as much as possible. No matter whether our client is a lawyer supporting a case for economic damages, or  a graduate student writing a paper contesting the counterpart’s mishandling of data. will provide technical support for a cogent understanding of the data being used as evidence in litigation or academic papers. In particular focuses on the following services on Quantitative Research,

  • Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis.
  • Time Series Analysis.
  • Evaluation of Regression Analysis Results.
  • Modeling on Public Policy Analysis.
  • Quantification of damages through the use of statistical data.
  • Calculations of expected value.
  • What-if scenarios.
  • Quantification of damages as discounted lost cash flow.
  • Examination of violations to the seven core statistical assumptions.
  • Examination of sampling violations and/or data manipulation.

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