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I consult on the use of Time-Series Analysis as a methodology for both scientific research and business analytics. I am convinced that social and economic problems evolve over time, therefore, I believe that the most suitable data for analyzing the society and businesses are Time-Series. I stick rigorously to Damodar Gujarati and Dawn Porter’s theory and methods by offering comprehensive and detail oriented services on:
*Business Analytics.
*Research Assistance.
*Time-Series Descriptive Statistics (Autocorrelation and partial autocorrelations Durbin-Watson test; Jarque-Bera test, Normality and White Noise tests).
*Time-Series transformation (Differencing, Detrending, Deseasonalizing).
*ARIMA (Estimation of Parameters of Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average); SARIMA (Seasonal Autoregressive Moving Average); ARMA (Autoregressive Moving Average).
*Mann-Kendal trend test.
*Cointegration test.
*Vector Autoregressive Models (Koyck transformation and Partial Adjustment Model).
*Unit root and stationarity test (Dickey-Fuller test).
*Heteroscedasticity test (Breuch-Pagan test).
*Comparison of samples (parametric and non-parametric data).
*Linear regression analysis.
*Content Strategy.

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