Connecticut, Welcome to Maayo!

A.I. Generated Real Estate Data Analyses

Maayo is an Agent-Centric Connecticut-Only PropTech Web Application

Technology for High Quality Real Estate Business Outreach

Let AI Customize Content in only Three Steps

Look up Property

  • Search thousands of properties within Connecticut
  • Search by address or by Zipcode
  • Search Pre Foreclosure properties
  • Get Comparable Homes

Customize Message

  • Price properties from what you know
  • Label Report with your Brand
  • Personalize Messages down to Property Owners
  • Upload your Own Sold Properties
  • Download Excel File

Create and Share

  • Share Reports on Social Media
  • Email Report to Homeowners
  • Print to Direct Mail
  • Download HTML file

To Demo Maayo, you need a CSV File like the One Below as a Placeholder for your Sales Records

Create and Share Frequent Hyper Localized Market Reports

Maayo’s Data + Agent’s Inputs = Actionable Insights

Keep the spreadsheet (if you want to)

Download CSV, Excel Tabulated Spreadsheet Data on Properties. Reported Homeowners, Tax Assessment, Area, Number of Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Latitude/Longitude

Research/Skiptrace Your Prospects

What do we offer?

  • Web-based Application
  • Comprehensive Property and Mortgage data
  • More than 12 report templates
  • Reported Home Owner Names
  • Maps and Advanced Georeferencing
  • Google Street Property Views
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration and Implementation
  • Instant Email Support
  • Personal Phone Support
  • Personal Desk Support

User Training


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Maayo’s Team

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Data Release Calendar

We are located in Fairfield, CT.

September 2023

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