Analytics Use Cases and Automations

At Econometricus We deliver no-violation-of-assumptions advanced analytics

We deploy web applications/dashboards that leverage data and modeling algorithms

Real Estate Advanced Analytics For Data-Driven CRM and Targeting

More than five years of experience deploying Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Projects

Clients’ testimonials

Industry Applied Logistic Regression Model

Industry Applied Poisson Regression Model

Data Analytics Web Applications that Deliver Actionable Insights

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Not a job to small. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) still yields most valuable insights

Rapid Testing for actionable data findings

The use case below presents the payers-side pricing challenges in Health Care Analytics

We go beyond Power Point Decks whenever clients are ready for automation. See below an Affiliation Finder Use Case

HCP to HCO Affiliation Data for Account Based Management. Understanding HCPs and HCOs Relationships

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