Utah ranks on top in job creation for April 2015.

Perhaps the state that showed the best performance in level of employment was Utah. Industries seem to be booming there, where 52K jobs positions were added. Construction registered an increase of 7.7%, while Leisure and Hospitality did on 7.4%. Trade and Transportation, and Financial Services also increased their levels by 5.0% and 4.9%.

Utah Level of Employment
Utah ranked first on industry growth for Leisure and hospitality along with Vermon. Arkansas, Georgia and Florida also experienced increases in such industry. In education Utah was surpassed by Oregon and Colorado both with 4.9% increase in job creation for the industry in April 2015. In Financial Activities Utah also made an appearance in April 2015, though the state was surpassed by Oregon, South Carolina and Washington State. Even in the Manufacturing sector Utah made it to the fourth place in April 2015. The only two sector in which the State did not make it to the four top rank were Construction and Professional Business.

California Level of Employment

Data source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Change in employment

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