Foreign-born workers made up 16% of the US total labor force in 2014.

As the Federal Government awaits for the final judicial ruling on the Executive Actions taken by President Obama in favor of immigrants  last Fall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released today its most updated data on foreign nationals working in the USA, both legally and illegally. In general, there is no surprise 48% of US foreign workers are Latinos and 24% come from Asia. They make up to 25.7 million of persons, for which immigration status ranges from permanent residents, refugees or temporary residents to undocumented immigrants. Foreign-born workers made up 16% of the United States total labor force in 2014. (Read also “Zero-base budgeting for immigration reform”)

Foreign workers
BLS found foreign-born workers are more likely to be employed in services occupations such as construction, maintenance or extraction of natural resources. This very fact made them more likely to have a weekly paycheck of as much as U$664 in 2014. Notice that nationals made roughly U$820 for a week of work during the same year 2014. Obviously, occupations and compensation for nationals vary since they are more likely to be employed in management, professional services and/or sales related positions.
Nonetheless, foreign-born worker are winners as far as labor force participation respects. The labor force participation rate for foreign-born persons was as high as 78.7% in 2014, whereas for native-born Americans the same rate was 67.4%.
Regionally speaking, the West of the United States concentrates the higher share of foreign-born workers, 23.8%, followed by the Northeast with 19.2%. The South and Midwest regions registered 15.3% and 8.5% respectively.
Finally, it is worth noting that the US Labor Bureau of Statistics draws these data from the Current Population Survey, which reaches roughly 60,000 households in the United Sta


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