US Census Bureau’s Advance Estimates show Retail Sales increased 3.2% in December 2014.

Estimated Sales Dec 2014 - 2

Advance Estimates for Retail and Food Services show that Sales for December 2014 increased 3.2 percent compared to December 2013. Statistics were adjusted by season, but not corrected for inflation, which gives a total estimated sales volume of U$442.9 billion. Auto and other motor vehicles dealers were up 9.2 percent when compared to same month of 2013. Food and services also grew in sales roughly 8.2 percent. The Advance Estimates give a preliminary hint by sampling a smaller base of the full Retail Trade and Food services Survey at the US Census Bureau.

Estimated percenrt change
Almost all of the survey accounts experienced increases when compared to the same month in 2013. However, Gasoline Stations –as expected given low oil prices- realized 14.2 percent less dollars sales this past December 2014. Also, estimate data show that Department Stores sold 0.6 percent less. Food Services and Drinking places reported in advance the highest gains for the season with a strong 8.2% as well as Auto sales with a similar statistic. Health and Personal care stores also increased their sales level by 6.1 percent. Furniture and Electronics and Appliances sold 5.8 percent and 6.8 percent respectively, preliminary data showed.

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