Looking for a Job: On the Unemployment Rate measure, North Dakota is still on the bottom, 2.4%.

On the Unemployment Rate measure, North Dakota is still on the bottom –in almost every labor market statistics. Unemployment Rate in both Dakotas are between 3.2% and 2.4%. California and Puerto Rico though showed the highest Unemployment Rate for the month of November 2014 -7.1% and 13.5% respectively. Yuma, Arizona, and El Centro, California, had the highest unemployment rates in November, 23.1 % and 22.6 %, respectively. Although two localities in Texas showed the biggest percent change in level of employment, the Unemployment Rate for the State marked 4.6% for the same mentioned month. New York State recorded 5.8% while New York City 6.6% Unemployment. These statistics are preliminary data that can be subject of revision after adjusted by season.

Unemployment Rate 11-2014
Preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed interesting insights on number of increasing employees working on nonfarm firms. In spite of oil prices, level of employment is still growing in Texas. The highest percent change in level of employment was registered in the locality of Midland in the state of Texas, in which the unemployment rate is roughly 2.6%. Although many economist focus on Unemployment Rate as a more accurate picture for gouging job market conditions, Employment Levels may give also an interesting perspective of what is happening into job market by itself. By looking at level of employment data, it is possible to picture clearly where the job market is vibrant.

The full list of Unemployment Rate by Sates for the month of November 2014 is the following:

Unemployment Rate Nov 2014

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